Well, it is time to move to our new location at 115 W. Neosho Street.  With the help of so many willing volunteers, it should go smoothly.  On Friday, April 1, from noon to 5, we want to move the large items; the desk from the main room, the loft from the children’s room, the computers, and some empty shelving.

Saturday, April 2,  is the day we will need more people.  That is the day we want to move the books.  There will be three groups.  One group at the old library will be loaders.  They will load books into boxes or totes and carry them to the trucks and trailers driven by the drivers.  This second group will take the books to the new location.  The trucks and trailer will be emptied by the third group, the unloaders.  The drivers can return to the old library and pick up another load.  The unloaders can place the books at least in the room where they belong, even if they don’t have time to shelve them.  We are not asking everyone to work for free, just for food.  We will provide sloppy joes, chips, and cookies for those who are helping.  We are hoping for nice weather, but given this Spring, we will have to take whatever.

Sunday, April 3, is the day we scheduled just in case we don’t finish on Saturday.  We have not idea if we will have to work that day or not.  That will depend on how the work on Saturday goes.

Once we are in our new digs, we are planning several different activities.  We hope to have an author signing, a family pizza night, and container garden planting, and other opportunities for the citizens of Thayer to check out their new library.  Wish us luck!